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The nbn®
gaming pad

Helping you make more of your gaming experience

We've created a space dedicated to the world of gaming

Working with our brightest technical minds, we’ve pulled together some handy content on everything from your ping time, to helping with the placement of your router. So strap yourself in and let the journey begin!

While you're at it – check out our range of higher wholesale speed tiers to help further enhance and support your playtime. 

The Ping: an nbn web series

Get your game on with our range of wholesale speed tiers

When it comes to gaming, we have a range of higher speed tiers designed to suit different households' needs. So whether you’re jumping on your iPad to play, or you just want an ultra-fast connection so you can download the next game update in record time – we've got something for everyone.^

Choose from a range of providers and plans

Speak to a provider about the nbn powered plans they offer that can support your household’s gaming needs – so you can switch on, kick back and start playing.

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