The nbn® network is made for more

More speed, more fibre upgrades, and more regional support.

With more speed, more fibre upgrades, and more regional support, the nbn® network is made for more. We’re continually evolving Australia’s digital backbone to meet the ever-changing needs of people across the country. To help you do more of what you enjoy, and more of what you need and want, both today and into the future.1

A range of wholesale speed tiers that are made for more.

Our wholesale speed tiers are designed to embrace both the connected world that we live in today – and the digital future that awaits us. And as we continue to evolve the network, more locations will have access to more speed options.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve and evolve the nbn® network, around 8 million premises, or up to 75% of the Fixed Line network, are expected to be able to access plans based on our highest wholesale speed tiers by the end of 2023.

Our higher speed tiers are designed to support1:

  • Multiple people online at the same time
  • Working from home and video calls
  • Streaming high-definition video (4k)
  • Playing online games
  • And much more! 

We’re extending fibre deeper into the network.

With more connected devices, and more people working from home than ever before, we’re continuing to upgrade and improve the network. This will enable us to provide access to enhanced connections and faster internet for eligible residential and business premises across the country.

  • By the end of 2023, up to 2 million Fibre to the Node (FTTN) premises may become eligible to upgrade to Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) with access to our highest wholesale speed tiers if these customers order a plan based on nbn™ Home Fast or higher.2
  • We’re aiming for the majority of the 1.5 million Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) premises to become eligible to upgrade to FTTP if these customers order a plan based on nbn™ Home Superfast or higher, by the end of 2023.2
  • We are also investing to deliver on-request business-grade fibre upgrades to more locations than ever before.4
  • This is made possible via our premium wholesale business product, business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet. It’s designed to provide access to high levels of network speed, performance and reliability to businesses of different sizes.

We’re doing more to lift the digital capability of regional and remote Australia.

As part of our ongoing network evolution, nbn is rolling out a number of initiatives to help provide access to higher speed broadband services and business-grade products to premises in regional and remote areas across Australia.1

  • On the ground support teams, helping provide advice and advocating for regional customers and businesses.
  • Developing infrastructure, and wholesale products and services designed for regional communities.
  • More than 850,000 homes and businesses in regional areas, within the Fixed Line footprint will be able to access plans based on our highest wholesale speed tiers.1
  • Established the dedicated Regional Co-investment Fund of $300 million from which nbn can co-invest with government to continue to improve access to broadband services for Australia’s rural, regional and remote communities.
  • Creation of business nbn™ fibre zones in more than 110 regional centres, making business-grade fibre more accessible.4
  • Our business nbn™ Satellite Service beams now cover 100% of the Australian mainland, Tasmania and many major outer islands.3

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Come join us on the journey as we evolve Australia’s digital backbone.

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1 Your experience, including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn™ network, depends on the nbn™ access technology and configuration over which services are delivered to your premises, whether you are using the internet during the busy period, and some factors outside of nbn’s control (like your equipment quality, software, chosen broadband plan or how your provider designs its network). For business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet, if your service provider has not selected a bandwidth in the highest of three classes of service available for business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet, the speeds you experience may be affected by contention on the nbn™ network, particularly in busy periods. For nbn™ Fixed Wireless, speeds may also be impacted by the number of concurrent users on the nbn™ Fixed Wireless network, including during busy periods. For nbn™ Satellite, end customers may also experience latency.

2 Conditions, eligibility criteria and costs will apply. Eligibility criteria as at 15/09/2021 are expected to include, among other things, being designated by nbn as a simple premises (e.g. standalone premises or Single Dwelling Unit (SDU)) and once the program is available for an eligible premises, placing an order for an nbn™ powered plan based on an eligible wholesale speed tier. Additional costs may apply to providers, who may choose to pass this charge onto their customers.

3 Regardless of the retail service you purchase, the actual wholesale speeds delivered by the business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet product will be less than 1000Mbps and no more than 952Mbps due to equipment and network limitations.

4 business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is only available in the nbn™ Fixed Line network footprint and at limited premises served by the nbn™ Fixed Wireless and Satellite networks. nbn is a wholesaler and does not control costs charged by service providers. Customers should contact their preferred provider to ask about availability and any fees and charges from their provider that may be applicable. These pricing offers are not available for most premises in the nbn™ Fixed Wireless or Satellite footprints or for most premises which have complex connections – further costs are likely to apply to these premises.

5 nbn is a wholesaler and does not control costs charged by service providers. Customers should contact their preferred service provider to ask about availability and any fees and charges from their provider that may be applicable.

6 An end customer’s serviceability may be affected by a range of factors including whether there is a clear line-of-sight to the satellite, no interference, for example from other end customer, retail service provider or third party equipment, and having a suitable location to install equipment. Plans over the business nbn™ Satellite Service may not be offered by all providers.