Partners and Suppliers

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Suitably qualified partners in projects are key to our success. We take great care in the selection of our Suppliers.

Our approach to engaging Suppliers is underpinned by the facilitation of a fair, competitive sourcing process that achieves value for money.

To achieve this objective, our sourcing and contract management processes are governed by a set of procurement rules that meet obligations outlined as part of the Special Access Undertaking (SAU) accepted by the ACCC.

Special Access Undertaking (SAU)

We purchase a range of goods and services from Suppliers. We use various sourcing methods, including:

  • Request for Information.
  • Request for Quote.
  • Request for Proposal.
  • Request for Tender.
  • Price Reviews.

The type of request issued is based on business requirements or the need for us to know more about Supplier capabilities. We may issue several sourcing methods for a single goods and/or services project.

We will contact you if we believe your organisation may have the capability to be a Supplier in relation to a tender.

If you have any questions about our procurement of goods and services, please contact the nbn™ Procurement team.

Our preferred approach to commercial engagements is competitive tendering. We approach suitably qualified partners using a structured process to ensure compliance with our regulatory obligations.

During the tender process we use and provide a secure, web-based service called SAP Ariba. The service allows us to transact with potential and current Suppliers to source new supply opportunities, and with existing Suppliers on current contractual matters.

A Supplier account will be created by us for each Supplier engaged with the service, or each user interacting on behalf of a Supplier – they will be guided to create a unique user account under that Supplier.

This service is free for Suppliers and may be used to access RFx-related documentation, ask questions and submit tender responses online, provide notification of updates to our Supplier Code of Conduct and Supplier related policies and conduct surveys.

During the tender your nbn™ Procurement contact is your first line of support, should there be any problems.

We engage Suppliers who share the NBN Co commitment to sustainable procurement principles. Our aim is to achieve value for money on a whole of life basis that minimises environmental impacts and generates benefits for our society and economy.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the minimum standards expected from our Suppliers. The code helps to ensure sustainable procurement practices are in place across our supply chain and to ensure we care about the impacts of our actions on society and the environment.

nbn™ Supplier Code of Conduct
Supplier FAQ

nbn’s Supplier Code of Conduct (Supplier Code) draws together nbn’s current policy positions and minimum standards and also clearly sets out our expectations in the following key sections:

  • Human Rights & Workplace Relations;
  • Health Safety & Environment;
  • Ethical Behaviour & Good Business Practices; and
  • Management Systems, along with some ancillary sections dealing with administration and feedback.
We all have a part to play in conducting ethical and responsible business and ensuring human rights abuses are not permitted in our supply chains. The nbn™ Supplier Code of Conduct clearly articulates our expectations, when it comes to responsible procurement. We expect our Suppliers to share our commitment and to work with us to promote the principles outlined in the nbn™ Supplier Code of Conduct.
The Supplier Code applies to nbn suppliers, including their other group entities, owners, employees, agents, partners and sub-contractors who provide goods and/or services to nbn.

For suppliers with existing nbn contracts, contact your nbn Contract Manager.

For current suppliers and potential suppliers send your inquiry to

Contact the nbn™ Procurement team: