nbn™ New Development process

Building a new property? Make sure it’s ready to connect to services over the nbn™ broadband access network by understanding the process, and what's required from both you and nbn.

Step 1

Plan early with your building partners

Make sure you have enough time up your sleeve to understand our build processes and to prepare your development plan and designs prior to working with nbn.

Step 2

Submit an application with your development plan

Using the information you provide, we’ll assess your application, confirm the charges involved and how long it will take to connect your development

Step 3

Agree to the terms and pay the charges to proceed

Once you have paid the charges and agreed to the terms, if it applies for your development, you will be sent a letter of conditional approval (also known as a provisioning or council letter).

Step 4

Register for the nbn™ New Developments Portal

Here you can manage your applications, including the tasks you need to complete to help meet the estimated “Ready for Service” date for your development.

Step 5

Design and build to nbn’s standards

We’ll provide feedback on your plans and designs to make sure you’re on track. Once your documents are approved, you can start building the nbn™ infrastructure within your property boundary.

Step 6

Build finished? Your site is almost ready for connection.

So you’ve finished your build to the approved plans – it’s time to get your development ready for connection. Remember to regularly check the nbnNew Developments Portal for next steps.

Step 7

Install, test, activate

We will complete the installation of the nbn™ access network to your property boundary, and make the development ready to connect.

This means that you can now speak to a phone and internet provider about connecting to services over the nbn™ access network.

Connecting your development

Your responsibilities

Submit an online application and plans for assessment
Sign the terms and pay the relevant charges
Submit a design to nbn standards for review and acceptance via nbn’s New Developments Portal
Build infrastructure to nbn’s standards
Submit an as-built design and Notice of Practical Completion (PCN) (if needed)

Our responsibilities

Assess and confirm the application, including assessing charges involved via nbn’s New Developments Portal
Review and accept plans (as appropriate), designs and site inspections, and provide feedback (as needed)
Provide the approval documents if it applies for your development e.g. council letter of conditional approval (also known as a provisioning letter)
Install and make the development ready to connect

Begin the process