Changing technologies and the nbn™ network

Information about the transition process:

You will have a minimum of
12 months to transition from your original nbn™ technology to a new nbn™ technology.

When your location is ready to change, you will need to speak to your phone and internet provider about switching your existing nbn™ powered plan to a plan based on the new nbn™ technology - before the original nbn™ technology is turned off.

If you require additional time to transition, please discuss this with your phone and internet provider.^

Your phone and internet service provider will guide you through the process.
They can advise of any new connection devices your premises may need for your new nbn™ technology and book an appointment for you with an nbn™ approved technician.
Additional work may be required to complete your transition.
Please ensure someone is on the premises so an nbn™ approved technician can install any new devices. The type of device and the amount of work required will depend on the new nbn™ technology.

To see if we’re changing the original nbn™ technology at your location please enter your address:

Important notes:

^ The transition end date may be extended in specified circumstances by agreement between nbn and your service provider.