Lift emergency phones

The nbn™ network has replaced most existing fixed phone and internet networks. When you switch over to the nbn™ network, it may affect the operation of important services, such as your lift emergency phones.

Important Notice

With the nbn™ network being fully built and operational** and the completion of mass disconnection from the legacy copper network, nbn closed the Fire and Lift register on Friday 25th February 2022. nbn will continue to provide migration assistance for services registered prior to this date, until they are migrated or disconnected from the legacy copper network.

If an emergency lift phone or monitored alarm panel that you are managing is currently connected to the legacy copper network, you will need to organise the migration of the existing equipment to an alternative technology.

Please contact your equipment provider and phone and internet provider to initiate the migration or for further information.

If you have an urgent query, please refer to our Contact Us page.