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Build agreements

nbn® undertakes certain types of build activities for retail service providers (RSPs), which are not declared services and are not performed under an access agreement. For information purposes, nbn makes available below the standard agreements that it uses to offer certain build activities to RSPs. nbn may update these standard versions from time to time.

Executable copies of these agreements may be requested through your nbn Account Manager.

These agreements and the activities they govern differ from the range of nbn products that are declared services under Part XIC of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

nbn products are available under the Wholesale Broadband Agreement and other access agreements.

Technology Extension Contract Version 7

The Technology Extension Contract (TEC) is an umbrella agreement between nbn and an RSP that allows nbn to plan, design and build nbn fibre infrastructure to premises where nbn originally proposed an alternative access technology, in return for an upfront or deferred charge payable by the RSP (as set out in a relevant Deal Module).
Download (PDF - 874 KB)

Technology Extension Contract - Deal Module Version 7 (extracted from Technology Extension Contract Version 7)

The Deal Module template sets out the standard particulars of nbn's offer under a Technology Extension Contract (TEC) in respect of the premises specified by the RSP in a deal.
Download (PDF - 272 KB)

Enterprise Ethernet Build Contract

The business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet Build Contract (EEBC) is an umbrella agreement between nbn and an RSP that allows nbn to plan, design and build nbn® fibre infrastructure required for the Enterprise Ethernet product, which the RSP can order through the business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet Portal in return for a Fibre Build Contribution (if applicable) payable by the RSP.
Download (PDF - 486 KB)

EE Program Management Support Agreement

The EE Program Management Support Agreement is an agreement between nbn and an RSP that allows nbn to provide program management support for Enterprise Ethernet (EE) build activities. A registration form for each opportunity must be submitted by the RSP to in order for nbn to provide EE Program Management Support.
Download (PDF - 577 KB)

Network Preference Construct

The Network Preference Construct is an additional option that can be entered into where a RSP proposes to utilise the Deferred Charge Construct under the nbn® Technology Extension Contract. The Network Preference Construct requires an access seeker to:

(i) commit to on-demand technology upgrades; and

(ii) prefer the nbn® network for Off-Net Services (fixed line services in the nbn® fixed line footprint not on the access seeker’s own network), in return for certain benefits summarised in the Network Preference Construct overview available below.
Download (PDF - 113 KB)
Note: On 6 February 2023, nbn notified access seekers that it will withdraw the Network Preference Construct. The withdrawal date of the Network Preference Construct will be effective 7 May 2023, following which access seekers will be unable to request a Network Preference Construct.